Research and analysis in the United Arab Emirates

Our purpose is to offer correct, meaningful and easy to access information on the economy, industries and markets.


Sunstream works to support the industries listed below, where the scope of work regards data collection and databasing, opinion polling, professional insight, industry analysis, market sizing or reporting.


  Food and Beverage
  Government, Charities and NGO’s



Sunstream Research & Consulting is driven by the desire to better understand the region and the world which we live in.

Operating within the Middle East economic and business context, our purpose – through research and analysis – is to offer correct, meaningful and easy to access information. The benefit for our clients comes in the ability to evaluate situations clearly, and draw opinions based on legitimate fact and educated insight.

As for what such situations could be – these can comprise the need for knowledge on economic policy and the effect on business; supply side pricing and specifications; a requirement for competitor analysis and understanding how customers respond to competitive products; assessing market size and market share; census reporting to better comprehend a particular population; inciting feedback through market surveys and group studies; valuing a company or establishing cost and revenue forecasts for a project.

With the objective of harnessing substantial business intelligence and presenting it well, we exist to support informed decision making.

Please feel welcome to contact us on an aspect of work that may require our help.

Who we are

Sunstream Research & Consulting offers in-depth, practical services in research and analysis. We are sensibly priced and of equal importance, give real benefit through insight and knowledge. The principles of our work are set in honesty, diligence and commitment to getting a job done well, on time.

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